Wealden Buildings Study Group

Committee and Officers
President: Lesley Dickinson
Vice-President: Jeremy Clarke
Secretary: Chris Marks
Treasurer: Jeremy Clarke
Programme/Meetings Co-ordinator: John Crane
Librarian: Pam Bruce
Ordinary Members: Alan Dickinson, Peter Varlow


Website Editor: Jeremy Clarke



1. Objectives:

a) The promotion of the study of lesser traditional buildings, particularly those of the Weald, and the general assistance and co-ordination of members’ work in compiling of them.

b) Promotion of the study shall include arranging conferences and other meetings and the advancement of knowledge for members and non-members.

2. Management:

The affairs of the Group shall be controlled by a Committee elected by and responsible to the general direction of members at the Annual General Meeting.

3. Membership:

The Group shall consist of:

a) Members, elected by the Committee following a simple screening process based upon them submitting a short statement on their reasons for wanting to join the Group and any experience they have in vernacular buildings, surveying/recording buildings or period domestic history.

b) Honorary members, elected at an Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee.

c) Associated societies, elected by the Committee. Any two (or other such member as the Committee may decide at the time of the election) members of the Associate Society may be entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting.

d) Joint members, who shall be a spouse or partner of a member and resident with them. Only one of the Joint members will be entitled to receive notices or publications, and to vote at the Annual General Meetings.

e) Winter meetings are ‘open’ to non-members (spaces permitting) as long as a WBSG Member is supporting their attendance and has agreement from the President or Secretary for them to attend. There will be a visitors fee of £5 per person including refreshments.

4. Subscriptions:

a) For members the annual subscription will be agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

b) Any member whose subscription is outstanding at the end of June, having received at least 3 requests for payment, shall cease to be a member of the Group.

5. Officers and Committee:

a) The President and Vice-President of the Group shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The President and Vice-President to serve for two years and the Vice-President to be President elect.

b) The officers shall consist of a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve for one year. Should a vacancy occur between meetings the Committee is empowered to make a temporary appointment.

c) The Committee shall comprise: President, Vice-President, Site Visit Notes Editor, the Officers and at least one other member, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. At the discretion of the Committee any other members may be co-opted to serve on the Committee. A member of the Committee will also be responsible for communications.

d) The Auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

6. Function of the Committee:

The Committee shall:

a) Manage the finances of the Group subject to the accounts being presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval having first been audited by the Honorary Auditor.

b) Arrange Annual General Meetings or General Meetings at a request signed by five members.

c) Arrange conference and study meetings (in addition to Winter meetings) from time to time and if these are open to non-members the Committee shall decide the appropriate fee to be charged to them.

d) Arrange for the receipt of material, published or unpublished, and for loans therefrom to members.

e) Select and purchase material relevant to the Group’s study to a total cost not exceeding 20% of the annual income.

f) Generally promote the interests of the Group. The Committee may establish sub-committees which can include members not on the Committee

7. General Meeting:

a) General Meetings shall be held annually at such place as the Committee shall decide.

b) Two weeks notice shall be given to the Secretary of any formal motion to be moved by a member at a General Meeting.

8. Changes to the Constitution:

This constitution shall have effect from the 22nd March, 2015 and may be amended only by a majority decision of the members at a General Meeting.

22 March 2015

Members must observe the Group's Standards of Conduct for Onsite Visits.